Minggu, 13 November 2016


mimpi itu masih sama, tak pernah berubah, walau sejak 10 tahun yang lalu...

Rabu, 09 November 2016

Our World, today...

This words are really showing our world, nowadays. A billionaire who's named Donald Trump won the America's election without any single political experience in his entire life.

Sadly when the author tried to compared this condition with our current global economic situation which need a strong qualification to brace the very first entry level job. I believe this is happening not only in America but also across this universe. 

People need money to survive. Trump is coming to the election like Bruce Wayne with his tons of dollars try to safe this world. But again, Trump is not a Batman. Batman spend his money to kick bad people's ass, trump neither. Even we still cannot imagine, how this world would be seen after this opportunist man become the first man in US, even in the world.

Trying to draw back with the current oil business, Trump seems give a new hope in increasing of oil price. Many speculation derived a new paradigm that this man will create a new era of oil industry, even with a full-blooded hand. 

Oilmen nowadays already have been suffering since the big jumping oil price from range USD $90/bbl to USD $ 40/bbl. It cuts almost 60% from the earning for every single oilmen in the world.

It was hard for the oilmen who has dismissed from his company, but it is not even better for the oilmen who is still working in his nature. We will see another drama for 4years ahead, is Trump will bring a good way of the oil price or vice versa.

So, brace yourself, better you tightened your seat belt to face another storm. Storm of Trump and Storm of oilprice.