Senin, 18 April 2011

Mud Engineer 3rd Week: The Dessert-Another Story of Jackpot

Oke, finally we're going to the last weekly assignment, i hope, with all of this stuffs u could get the benefits inside, and u could implement all the knowledges that we have been given to all of u. One day, we'll meet again as a teammate in oil/services company, don't afraid to dream, dream as could as u can, May God always blesses u in all ur way :)

Answer this following question using English, not in Bahasa :D

1. What do surge and swab pressure mean? Describe them, using explanation, equation and picture! The correlation between surge, swab, and kick? is/are there any correlation(s)?

2. Try to find the article about HPHT Filter press, pressurize mud balance, and rolling oven (the SOP, the functions and The Picture)write it on ur paper as complete as u could! Minimal 1 tool in one piece of letter.

3. Calculate the surge pressures that result when 4,000 ft of 10 3/4 inch OD (10 inch ID) casing is lowered inside a 12 inch hole at 1 ft/s if the hole is filled with 9.0 lbm/gal brine with a viscosity of 2.0 cp. Assume laminar flow in Closed pipe and Open pipe!

4. Describe the impacts from Drilling Fluids Contamination (Cement, Anhydrite / Gypsum, Magnesium, Salt, and carbonate), Mention the sources of the contamination, The Chemical Reaction, and the impacts in Physical Properties of Drilling Mud (8 kinds of Physical Properties)!

5. describe it:
a. Deflocculated.
b. Flocculated.
c. Aggregated.
d. Dispersed.

6. Mention 5 indicators of well kick and blow out, 5 things which is caused kick, and two methods to control well kick, describe it!

7. Do you know completion fluids? Describe what is completion fluids, how to make it? The formula? , and Mention 5 differences between completion fluids and drilling mud!

8. If u get a job vacancies, from Baroid Halliburton, to be a mud engineer, and the recruiter ask u to describe a drilling fluids in 200 words, what will u say? Describe what drilling fluids is in 200 words

9. Give some critics to this laboratory! 10 critics for the process of the practical session, 10 critics for the assistant, 10 critics for the weekly assignment and the benefits from the weekly assignment! If u be the laboratory assistant mention ur 5 idea for this lab!

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