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Since that first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania, thousands of oil-field workers have dedicated their energies to improving the methods of getting the petroleum out of the ground.

The petroleum industry is one of the most exciting industries to work in today. No other business in the world touches our lives in so many ways. Oil and Gas is a very high risk industry, this industry need a lot of money for developing it and get many profit.

Today, however, the energy industry is at a crossroads. Faced with an ever-increasing demand for oil and natural gas, we find ourselves without the necessary workforce to find, drill, refine, and transport the hundreds of products that make our lives more comfortable. The cyclical nature of the business, combined with an aging workforce, has taken its toll.

We are a mature industry, and the generations of workers who helped us reach the pinnacle of our success are ready to retire. But, before they go, they want to know that the workers who follow them will be properly trained and ready to take the helm.
Each year millions of dollars are spent to improve the technology used in the search for natural resources to protect the environment and to invest in our communities. These ongoing efforts will continue to provide opportunities for those seeking a career in the energy industry.

So that with this Concept that is Calculate, Organize, Dare, and Agile (C.O.D.A), and combining with Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Treatment (S.W.O.T), good young engineers will appear to complete the requirements that this industry needs besides their main ability in oil-gas knowledge itself.


We always hear this concept in many leadership courses for young engineer around this world; this concept is made for preparing an extra-ordinary employee that can give many innovations for the company.
S.W.O.T is stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Treatment. With this concept many industries are trying to make good human resources in their company, and being a lead company with their extra-ordinary employees.
Is it enough with extra-ordinary? If we could make it more, couldn’t we? So that the author try to make another concept that could combine with S.W.O.T which could make an extra-ordinary become Wonderful.


In oxford English Dictionary, Calculate means 1) determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically, 2) determine by reasoning, experience, or common sense; reckon or judge.
Oil and gas Industry aren’t a cheap and low risk industry, this industry needs much money and much risks for getting a big goals from this industry. A graduating students who are wanting entrance this world, this industry, have to prepare everything this industry needs for becoming a Lead Industry or Lead Company.
Industry or company need many peoples who could manage their industry well, they need a people who has a great vision and good mission for developing their company bigger and better.
Here, calculate means as a great planner, a good petroleum engineer should have a good instinct for calculating the all risks and all the possibility that’s going to be happen if they want to make any project.
A good young engineer should have this instinct to face the emerging oil and gas industry when they have graduated from their study so that they can be a competitive engineer and could survive in this high pressure industry.

In oxford English Dictionary, organize means 1) arrange systematically, 2) coordinate the activities of (a person or group) efficiently, and 3) make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity).
After we calculate everything, define all the risks that perhaps would be come to the project, we as the young engineer, as the young leader, have to make arrangements for that project, and have to coordinate the group who will execute this job efficiently.
If we don’t have this ability for coordinating all the person or group to maintain the entire plan that we have been prepared before, this project wouldn’t realize well, and many problems will appear between the persons or group behind us.

In oxford English Dictionary, organize means 1) have the courage to do something, 2) defy or challenge (someone) to do something, and 3) literary take the risk of; brave.
Like author’s said before, each year millions of dollars are spent to improve the technology used in the search for natural resources to protect the environment and to invest in our communities. Oil and Gas need a lot of money and has a lot of risks to improve their industry bigger.
Though we have ability for calculate all the risks and ability for managing all the people to do that project, if we don’t have a dare or a brave to take that risks, we won’t be a good leader. This industry needs a big dare to take all the risks, if we always afraid to take the risks in every project that we have, our industry will not become a lead industry. Oil and gas is not an easy industry, many people say that, doing this industry is has a same way with becoming a gambler, betting, and doing a probability thing.

In oxford English Dictionary, organize means 1) able to move quickly and easily, 2) able to think and understand quickly.
After we calculate all the risks, organize all the person and people for doing the project that we have been prepared, and we have a big brave, dare to face all the risks, we should have ability to think and understand quickly, what happen with our project, if something bad happens with this project, we have to prepare the second, third, even fourth plan for covering the incident if happens in the first plan.
With this ability, we could complete all the requirements as New Young Engineers, for facing the emerging of oil and Gas industry, and we will be successful engineers.

Oil and Gas is not a new industry, it is a mature industry, an industry which is need much money to develop them. A lot of risks always appear in every oil and gas activities.
We now as a candidate of young engineers should prepare everything we need for facing the emerging of oil and gas industry. Not only a basic knowledge about petroleum, we should prepare our soft skills for equilibrating our ability between hard skills and soft skills.
This new concept and combining with Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Treatment (S.W.O.T), is trying to make a good comprehensive for all soft skills that a young engineer have to prepare.

Good young engineers will appear in emerging oil and gas industry and a young engineer with this concept will complete the requirements that this industry needs besides their main ability in oil-gas knowledge itself.
A Strengthen engineer, with his/her vision to see all opportunities and he/she could calculate them with all weakness that he/she has been calculated, could organize all the plan and person behind him, and make it realize with all treatment bravely, a big dare, without afraid with all risk or weakness that probably happens and has a great agility if something bad happens with second, third, or fourth plans because he/she has been calculated it before.

Muhammad Afif Ikhsani
Petroleum Engineering UPN Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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